API to generate vanilla and subscription payment links.
PRODUCTION: https://business.mamopay.com/manage_api/v1/links
SANDBOX: https://sandbox.business.mamopay.com/manage_api/v1/links

Payment Status

Once your customer completes a payment, the redirect URL will be appended with the following params

  • createdAt: The date the charge was captured at
  • paymentLinkId: The payment link id
  • status: indicates the payment status, whether captured or failed
  • transactionId: The transaction / charge id related to the payment

You may also get notified about a payment's status by setting up a webhook. Details here

A third approach to check the transaction status is by calling our transaction info API here

Sample redirect url after a successful payment

For Success Payment Testing

To make payments on the test environment, you can use the card details below
card number: 4111 1111 1111 1111
expiry date: 01/27
ccv: 123

For Failure Payment Testing

To make failure payments on the test environment, you can use the card number below
4095 2548 0264 2505
4024 0071 0357 3027
5148 4474 6173 7269


If prompted for a password, enter Checkout1!


When setting up subscriptions, if both end_date and payment_quantity were defined, end_date takes precedence.
For now, cancellations can only be done from the dashboard.

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