You can expect the below object when you register a webhook for the following events:

  • payment_link.create

Raw sample

  "description": "12pcs Chocolate Box",
  "capacity": null,
  "active": true,
  "return_url": null,
  "failure_return_url": null,
  "send_customer_receipt": true,
  "custom_data": {},
  "amount_currency": "AED",
  "platform": "client",
  "prefilled_customer": {},
  "title": "Chocolate Box - Small",
  "external_id": null,
  "name": "Chocolate Box - Small",
  "enable_tabby": true,
  "is_widget": true,
  "id": "MB-LINK-0C6885CBB3",
  "amount": 3000,
  "processing_fee_percentage": 0,
  "processing_fee_amount": null,
  "enable_message": true,
  "enable_tips": false,
  "enable_quantity": false,
  "payment_methods": [
  "rules": null,
  "enable_customer_details": false,
  "payment_url": "",
  "save_card": "optional",
  "created_at": "2023-12-28-16-21-24",
  "event_type": "payment_link.create",
  "subscription": null

Field Descriptions

descriptionStringPayment link description
capacityNumberPayment Link capacity
activeStringPayment Link activity (True or false )
return_urlStringThe URL that the customer will be redirected to after a successful payment
failure_return_urlStringThe URL that the customer will be redirected to after a failed payment
send_customer_receiptStringEnables the sending of customer receipts
custom_dataDictionaryCustom Data sent in the request
amount_currencyStringCurrency of the payments
platformStringPlatform where the payment link was generated
titleStringPayment link title
prefilled_customerDictionaryPrefilled customer details (name - email)
external_idStringExternal ID sent in the request
nameStringPayment Link name
enable_tabbyStringWhether the option to enable Taby is true or false
is_widgetStringWhether the payment link is a widget or not
idStringPayment Link ID
amountNumberAmount of the Payment Link
processing_fee_percentageNumberProcessing fee percentage sent in the request
processing_fee_amountNumberCalculated processing amount
enable_messageStringWhether the customer can add a note or not
enable_tipsStringWhether the option to enable tips is allowed or not
enable_quantityStringWhether the customer can add a quantity
payment_methodsListList of allowed payment methods (card - wallet)
rulesStringPayment link rules
enable_customer_detailsStringWhether the customers can enter their details
payment_urlStringPayment Link
save_cardStringWhether the card's details will be saved or not (optional - required - off)
created_atString (Format: YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS)The creation time of the Payment Link
event_typeStringWebhook event type
subscriptionDictionarySubscription details in case of subscriptions (identifier-frequency_interval-end_date-payment_quantity-start_date-frequency)